NeoGraft Hair Restoration of Connecticut

NeoGraft Hair Restoration of Connecticut

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Westport, Connecticut 06880

NeoGraft Hair Restoration of Connecticut - Dana Brownell, M.D.

If you’re tired of looking at your bald scalp, thin eyebrows, or patchy facial hair, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with NeoGraft is a simple solution. Connecticut Hair Restoration Surgeon Dana Brownell, M.D. offers this surgical outpatient procedure exclusively at the NeoGraft Hair Restoration center located in Westport Connecticut. As a board certified physician who was the first to bring NeoGraft to Connecticut, other local doctors depend on her expertise to learn how to work with NeoGraft themselves. Forget the lengthy, unsightly scar left behind by the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) procedure. FUE offers the same natural hair re-growth without any scarring whatsoever.

Benefits of FUE with NeoGraft

The lack of a linear scar is just one benefit of choosing Doctor Brownell to complete FUE with NeoGraft. Some of the other advantages include:
  • No cutting, sutures, staples, or stiches required.
  • The automated NeoGraft system enables Dana Brownell, M.D. to extract several hundred hair follicles per hour, reducing the surgery time significantly.
  • Doctor Brownell uses local anesthesia only, which means you can drive yourself home and return to work and other activities the very next day.
  • FUE is minimally invasive with little to no bleeding, pain, or risk of complications.
  • You re-grow your own natural hair within three to four months and can expect full restoration by six to eight months.
  • The donor and recipient areas both heal within a week. Circular marks from the one-millimeter punch disappear at this time as well.

Take Advantage of Doctor Brownell’s Free Consultation

Contact NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Westport Connecticut today for your FREE CONSULTATION with Dana Brownell, M.D. to learn more about the amazing NeoGraft FUE Surgical Hair Restoration procedure. Dr. Brownell strives to deliver her patients with the most natural looking hair restoration results. Both men and women suffering from thinning hair or balding are candidates for a NeoGraft Hair Restoration procedure. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.